Importance of Notes for Nurses

How to take effective notes during University lectures

Note taking is never an old fashion when it comes to learning. Students do rely on their jottings when the time for tests comes. Many students tend to forget all that has been said during a University lecture, but thanks to notes, it is easier to remember and review all the necessary information that should be retained even after the class or the following day or week.

How then can we take effective notes during lectures?

Learn to pay undivided attention. Listening is a vital skill. Doing it carefully can make you more focused during a lecture and in also having demo classes. “Without concentration, there is no focus, and without focus, there is no learning” (Pauk 190). You might not seem to be enjoying what the topic is being discussed, but it will then help you to take in the knowledge needed and not be confused come review time.

Using hands when taking notes

For some students, it is way too easier to take notes using their laptops and iPads, due to the reason that it is indeed faster to write down the things that are being said in a word per word case rather than jotting down notes. But as the studies show, writing using your hands can retain more memory having to write only the things that have been processed in your mind and also helps to retrieve the information from your long-term memory.

Mnemonic Devices

If you are taking up nursing, you are probably not surprised that the whole nursing thing would be memorizing a lot of medical terminologies and definitions. Well, of course, memorizing can be too difficult and challenging. Thanks to mnemonics, it will be easier to remember the meaning of the terms using lists of words in a particular order. It serves as a memory bridge that helps you to remember the important information.

Preparing all necessary things

A highlighter can be a student’s best friend in terms of reviewing especially when the Professor is actually giving a discourse. Many students prefer to put a splash of color most especially on their books to help retain the information and make the outline more readable. This really helps you not to use too much time in looking for the necessary things and relevant information when you have to study for a quiz or even examinations.

Taking effective notes is an essential in improving comprehension skills of the lecture material and retention in a student.  Having to do all the things mentioned above is not enough; perseverance and discipline are still needed to be able to achieve a goal, and that is to lessen the stress that comes with studying in a nursing school.

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