Top 5 Universities for Nursing

Nursing is a very in demand course, fastest growing field and an increasingly competitive profession that’s why a lot of people want nursing to be their career in the future. If you are thinking of going to a Nursing school in the United States, you may need to consider some factors and do a thorough research to know what University best suits you. There is an abundance of Nursing Universities and campuses all over the United States with which you can choose from. You may have a hard time selecting and evaluating the aspects of a particular University so here is a ranking list of the Top 5 Nursing Universities in the U.S. Rankings are a sterling point for choosing a prominent, offer exceptional nursing programs and provide a broader base of training in a University.

1. The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA

The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, the most highly funded and one of the top-ranked nursing campuses in the United States according to the U.S News & World Report. From October 2014 through September 2015, the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) passing rate for first-time takers was 93.04%. Not only that, Penn offers a Ph.D. program and is the only Ivy League institution that endeavors a baccalaureate nursing program. Most of Penn Nursing’s graduate programs are top-ranked in their object of study. They also have 15 masters program.

2. John Hopkins University, Baltimore MD

It was specified the Most Innovative Nursing Graduate Program in the U.S. by Best Master of Science in Nursing Degrees. The first taker graduates almost got a 95% of NCLEX passing rate, and more than 40% are ranked as Fellows of the American Academy of Nursing among the faculty members. Among graduate schools of nursing, it ranks #1 nationally according to U.S. News & World Report and among nursing schools for Federal Research Grants and National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding. Additionally, it ranks #3 for their programs online. It is the country’s home to the first and only Peace Corps Fellows Program in Nursing.

3. The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

The University of California ranked #1 for its psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner program. For the family nurse practitioner program, rank #2. For the year 2012, the school’s nursing specialties including adult/medical-surgical nurse, psychiatric/mental health nurse programs, and family practitioner ranked #1 and ranked #2 for its adult nurse practitioner program. In the year 2014, the School of Nursing has a total research fund of $10.1 million which makes it to the top 1 rank nationally in the National Institutes of Health. The school also offers Ph.D. Program in Nursing and Sociology.

4. The University of Washington, Seattle WA

In the U.S., it is the second university-affiliated nursing school. A member of the American Association of Universities and a Public Ivy League institution. This University proudly presents an annual graduation rate of 98%. Starting 1984, it has been included in the national top-ranked Nursing Schools. Last 2011, according to the US News & World Report, this School together with the University of Pennsylvania and John Hopkins University have a three-way tie for the first ranking. The University of Washington not only offers a Bachelor of Science in nursing, but also a few graduate degrees, including Master of Nursing, Master of Science, and Doctor of Nursing Practice.

5. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA

The latest rankings in U.S News & World Report rank the Pitt’s School of Nursing 5th in the nation. Regarding research grants, it ranks #3 from the National Institute of Health (NIH). Pitt’s School of Nursing has three academic departments namely: Health Promotion and Development, Acute/Tertiary Care, and Health and Community Systems. We can read on the school’s website, within the American Academy of Nursing, most of the faculty members are Fellows, which makes the 93% ready in taking up their Ph.D.